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It's our daily bread

The creation of websites and applications is one of our main and the oldest service at the same time. We manage both classical presentations, eCommerce, special gadgets, and intranets for example.

Offered areas related to web realizations
  • Presentation sites
  • eCommerce
  • Intranets and applications
  • Distribution of modules
  • Hosting services

What is our web recipe?

  • Transparency comes first

    We are not an agency, we are an IT company. We don’t resell our work! What’s ours is ours. When we can’t do something, we simply admit it. We always want to be as transparent as possible. Our clients know us and they recognize who they can turn to.

  • We have a lot of questions

    Yes, it is necessary to admit that we don’t understand the sale of fireplaces, we don’t get chemical patterns, and we don’t know how to build a house. We are IT specialists, and you are expert on your business. We will give your business plan a new point of view. Our aim is synergy and mutual understanding. Only this way we will achieve the best results.

  • Never ending process

    Go forward, never stop. Does anyone of you remember how websites looked in 2005? Nightmare, right? And that’s exactly it. IT is one of the most dynamic areas in the world. Slowing down in development means to immediately stay behind. We cooperate with our clients on a regular basis and keep the projects constantly in line with new trends.

  • Less is more

    Continuity with regular clients and periodical cooperation is more important for us than new challenges. Don’t understand it badly, new projects are great! But sometimes we have to admit that we have some limitations. We are able to serve only a certain number of customers at one moment. As soon as we reach this boundary, we always tell it our new clients. Then they might have to wait a little longer for the implementation phase for example.

What exactly will we conjure up in webs?

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Presentation sites

Are you a company, an individual or an entrepreneur and are you worried about your presentation on the internet? Then we have good news! We can help you with that. Creating classic webpages is the oldest activity we have ever offered. We work on projects of various sizes and regularly develop our clients’ presentations. Everything with an emphasis on the long-term sustainability of your smile.



“To think, to program, to code, to click, to advise, to make, to run,” we hear this today and every day. Honestly, we love it! Simply said, e-shops earn money to our customers, and we want them to earn even more. Apart from creating new eCommerce solutions, we also provide the development of the current ones. Did you know, for example, that we have more than 150 different enhancements and extensions of these IT platforms?


Intranets, tailored applications

True, unfortunately, we really are not Microsoft or Apple and we don’t create many of intranets or custom-tailored applications by numbers. However, if some project makes sense to us, we utilise even a big solution! We have already built intranets that help optimise production lines, we launched applications for automatisation of industrial processes or executed an integration with various ERP and CRM systems.


distribution of modules

We especially love some systems. That’s why we decided to put our hand on the plough and support the international development community. For example in 2018, we became developers of the official and global OpenCart community where we gradually publish some of our utilities. In 2019, we are expanding the creation of our own extensions of CRM and ERP systems.


Hosting services

The web is programmed, the content management system works, pictures and texts are in place. So, everything can be turned on. Wait, not really! There is still a hosting needed, respectively a space on a server from which the website will run. We think also about this aspect. Therefore, the most of our customers have secured a continuous performance of their site including orderly backups and constant technical support.

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