We pull together

We perceive marketing as a complex. We master the creation of a complete marketing mix, optimisation and management of sub-tools. Our goal is not to use all the options, but to maximise your output.

Offered areas related to marketing
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • E-mail marketing
  • PPC

What is our marketing recipe?

  • Consultation and data as an important basis

    Each of us is an expert on something else. You feel like a fish in the water in your business, we rock in marketing. We’ll get to know your business and find out what’s the primary goal and what matters. The collected data will serve as an important basis for determining the marketing strategy.

  • A strategy is the aim

    We will develop a specific marketing strategy based on our experience and we will also come out from the obtained data. We will design the usage of marketing channels to secure that the whole concept makes sense. Everything with an emphasis on maximum results.

  • As one team

    In the implementation phase, we use the chosen strategy and consult individual steps. It is fair to you to know all the essentials. Thanks to frequent communication, you will feel like a member of our team. Together we will reach higher.

  • Regular report

    We communicate with you the results periodically. We are responsible for our work and therefore we can be as transparent as possible. The regular report serves you both to get acquainted with the results, and to control our cooperation. You will be in the picture in real time.

What exactly will we conjure up in marketing?


Search Engine Optimization

No matter what business you do, friendliness of the search engine site is always a key feature. SEO as the cornerstone of a successful website requires a long-term strategy. By a thorough analysis of keywords, creation of content or getting links from different sources, we will increase the strength of your web page against any rivals.

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Social networks

Are you busy with work and you don’t have time to create content? No worries, we can do it for you. A person who doesn’t use social media these days might as well not exist. But which one to choose – Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn? Our goal is not to cover all social networks. We only use those which are progressive and offer the highest efficiency. We can manage entire profiles or focus only on paid promotion.

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Content marketing

Web content should be both useful, and fun for visitors. For Christ’s wounds, especially not boring! The visitor of your web can become a customer thanks to quality texts. Content marketing requires a long-term strategy, but interesting content brings the right target group of customers. One of the common options is, for example, to write a blog.

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E-mail marketing

It may seem that newsletters or business emails are blindly ignored by the recipients. It is partly true, but nevertheless electronic correspondence cannot be left out. We will recommend you a suitable tool for effective e-mail marketing, then create a strategy, content, and take care of sending and evaluating results.


PPC click advertising

In case that this type of ad will fit your goal, we can create and manage PPC campaigns on advertising networks of companies Google and The complete management includes setting up ad slots and ongoing management of budgeting. During the campaign, the tracking and optimisation are a matter of course in order to maximise your profit.

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