We can provide design both online, and offline

Design is our matter of the heart. This is certainly the most dynamic service in our portfolio. It all started (as always) together with the creation of website which we imprinted its individual identity. Now, we also focus on offline and physical (print) distribution.

Offered areas related to design
  • Web and e-shop design
  • Logo design
  • Advert materials
  • Printing as a supplement
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What is our design recipe?

  • You provide the details, we add creativity

    Do you have a vision of the use of colours, of the layout of the elements, or do you need to tie in a specific line? Wonderful! You have nothing? That’s great as well! Just give us background materials (what name should be on the business card, business address on the poster…), and we will provide creativity.

  • Step by step

    We know that design is a very subjective matter. That is why we always pass on from basic elements to specific realizations. What exactly does that mean? First, we agree on the design line and then we create more and more variants. Everything gradually and with an emphasis on regular consultations.

  • Online versus offline

    Now, we are also able to combine! What do we reckon by this? We don’t have a problem to originate web graphics and simultaneously imprint the same corporate identity to physical offline objects such as business cards, leaflets or posters.

  • Both detail, and whole piece

    Our job orders differ broadly, and sometimes we focus on small realisations including creating business cards. But few times a year we form a complete corporate identity design, which is one of the most comprehensive realisations.

What exactly will we conjure up in design?

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Web and eCommerce design

We create and modify design to everything that we had programmed in the first place. Yes, exactly like this. Every IT implementation is a versatile matter to us, so the design of website and e-shops is the notional cornerstone of creating an online presentation. The customer therefore receives a functional and comprehensive set-up on which he can build his business.


Logo design

The basis of all the basics. A logo is undoubtedly the prime identifier of every business. We manage all-inclusive design together with the creation of logo manual or redesign, which older realisations will especially appreciate. We are able to tie up additional graphic elements for the created logo manual. We up hold to the motto: without a logo, you can’t do business. This is particularly true for larger companies whose business logo visually shields.

design reklamní materiály STARTUJEME WEBY

Advert materials

Banners, leaflets, posters, letterheads, business cards, flap plates, brochures, T-shirts, invitations, rollups… The palette of advertising materials is really wide, and we can design most of the common ones without any problem. If you have a special design wish for us, we will talk about its implementation. Creating original packages is fun.


Printing as a supplement

We have under the thumb both digital, and offset. In most cases, we realise the prints on a turnkey basis, so we create for the customer a design and then print the entire order. We will deliver it anywhere in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The second day after we sent the package, it will be delivered to you. Or you can stop for the materials right here in Brno, at the office.

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