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We have more activities under the thumb

Our team is expanding and with the growing number of completed projects, our cross-over into other areas is also increasing. Usually, we look for investment activities, focus on the possibilities of external financing and if there is some time left, we also provide training.

Offered areas related to counselling
  • External sources of funding
  • Tailor-made training
  • Individual consultation
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What is our counselling recipe?

  • Individual approach

    Each of us is original and this rule even doubles within projects. We don’t have recipe for all troubles but we’ll bring you a new point of view. We will sit down together and discuss your particular possibilities. Generally, we will go through complex situations where IT is only one of several parts of the whole implementation.

  • We support startups

    Are you an individual or a company with a good idea and you are lost in financing? You don’t have to colonize Mars right away, but it is clear that every idea asks for an initial investment. We have already started a number of projects but if we won’t reach mutual understanding together, we can link you with some other investors as well.

  • It's not only about finance

    We can share our experience also in other areas or put our know-how into your project. However, the rules are the same for everybody and our day is only 24 hours, so we manage only a very limited number of projects with IT over-cross. We assign a clear framework for the creation of websites, but this is a kind of free discipline.

  • Long-term character

    Complex counselling and consultations about demanding realisations are most often performed within the framework of long-term cooperation. The basis for us is getting to know each other sufficiently and learning what we can expect. Successful project hardly arises in a few days, patience is one of our positive features.

What exactly will we conjure up in counselling?

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External sources of funding

Did you know that economic principles qualify foreign finance as cheaper in comparison to the domestic finance? We already know there are a few possibilities in IT, and it is not easy to get acquainted with them. It was hard for us, too! But after years of studying and gaining experience, we can help you to find a source of funding to increase the profitability of a particular plan.

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Training or education

Are you an entrepreneur and do you want to improve your IT, marketing or design skills? Or do you want to provide education to your employees? We can purvey that. We offer training tailored especially to your needs. We have got spaces for educational purposes, or you can stop by directly at our company.

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Individual consultation

We see the IT area in a family way. Are you solving a specific affair within your project or website? It is quite likely that we will be able to give you an advice. Book our time, we will prepare fresh coffee and then we’ll find the best possible solution. Most of your problems can be solved easily, others require some effort.

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Contact us. We will be happy to explain and introduce you everything.
It is our work and pleasure.

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