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#6 Social Media and Me

  • 03. 06. 2019
  • Peter Is Writing

    Originally, I’d wanted to write my column every month, now it passed two since the last post. Heck! Oh no, I’m just kidding, it has a reason…

    Social (No)Life

    Okay, well, why the pause. Don’t worry, it isn’t a question of life or death. I just wanted to re-evaluate my “social concept”. I’m going to tell you about it. A year ago, my blog didn’t exist, my Instagram was hardly signed up, and I lived a kind of a different life. I’m not saying that it was a better one. Just different. Social world gives us a lot, (even though some people say the opposite,) and also takes a lot from us. I feel like a perfect example of a person who dived in head first into this environment. It might sound silly when you consider that I earn my living in it and daily solve marketing strategies, IT realizations etc. (and I really enjoy it btw.), but every coin (even the online one) has got two sides.

    Says One Thing and Thinks Another

    I don’t want this to look like I’d said earlier how the world of social media is super and lived offline. It’s not like that. But it is a significant difference if you increase social numbers on your client’s project, or on your own, possibly let someone into your privacy in your free time. Social media will absorb you and at once person finds himself in a phase when he plans goals like if he for example led project of his customer. Sure, simply out of logic I love to achieve aims like this. So, for example after I signed up on Twitter and concentrated on the result, I had 800+ followers, on Instagram I collected a reasonable number of fans in a quite short period. Everything according to a simple equation. If you got knowledge, then the invested time is proportionate to the result. I just got into it, posted regularly and spent aplenty time on social media. No offense, but I counted on it.

    Time Consumes More Time

    Oh yes, with the growth of the fan base also grows the sophistication of activity management. What exactly do I mean? It’s easy, on social media you have to be social, reply on comments, respond to messages, talk with community, and even though it does not look like it, it’s a huge time consumer. Well, this factor is hard to guess in advance. Sure, I don’t have numbers like David Beckham, I’m not on Instagram 24/7, but still I want to answer people, be active and not give up on it. Please, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate every message, every comment, every opinion, but simply I’m not an influencer which penalise me a little from a view of time possibilities. I’m a businessman who daily deals with X other things. On my Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn profile I’m basically having fun, I don’t (and don’t need to do it) for the financial profit. That I didn’t find time to answer is only my management mistake which I want to remedy.

    Okay. But What Now?

    We’ll have a snack! Oh no, it was the first thing that came on my mind. Okay, let’s return to the serious stuff. I have got to a point when I’ll have to modify my social media profiles. For example, I find out that a lot of people ask me the same questions. Which is actually fine because I can suit the content to it. You might have noticed that I posted in stories a few polls. By this I managed to detect what you are interested in, eventually how to modify the whole concept. Firstly, I could filter out the most asked questions (what exactly we do, when I started my business etc.) and secondly, find a space for next creations. Also, I’ll try to determine for myself 48 hours interval to respond which should cover the breaks between messages, well, mainly I want to write more about my experience, business, online topics and do you know what else? Let’s keep it a surprise!

    It’s all for today. Yea and thanks for reading it!

    P. P.

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