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#5 How I Lost My Phone

  • 25. 03. 2019
  • Peter Is Writing

    The promise must be kept. For everyone who doesn’t follow me on Instagram – you have chosen this article through Instastory! 58% of you is wondering where my blue-silver Huawei P20 Pro with all the super-modern capabilities went, including the sneakiest – just disappear without any warning.

    Okay, I'll Tell You

    Sometimes a person has a so-called “deaf period”. Sometimes it happens so much around that there is still something to write about. Well, to be honest, I experienced such a small transition from a peaceful traveling interwoven beginning of the year to a period of daily shocks (read surprises) and new things. I really don’t know what caused this, but almost every day came out something that really bothered me. Well, I don’t mean that these things are always bad or catastrophic, just sometimes everything gets fast. Maybe quicker than a person expects and even faster than he can admit.

    You are still reading? Great! I’d rather stop this philosophical moment and skip to the crux of the matter.

    I lost my phone, really. Me! Just me, a person who prefers to check everything three times. A man who doesn’t like to make mistakes. A man who always has his valuables under constant supervision. How could it happen? Well, I’ll start in sequence. A friend celebrated his birthday. Nothing revolutionary happened during the whole evening, a few stories, a couple of classic birthday clichés, and a course that wasn’t strange. When the hour progresses, I blink, and I don’t have a phone. Pants pockets empty, jacket empty, nobody knows, nobody saw anything, and especially the phone is unavailable after ringing. Total shock! Suddenly, a thousand thoughts flew into my head in a second, but I was still at rest. Maybe it’s just some stupid joke…

    About two hours later, one will understand that fun is over. I called a few people out of my other cell phone, found out the possibilities and went to the Czech Police. One recommendation: if something like this happens to you, don’t let it pass away, go to the police instantly! I’m not a security pro, but from what I found out, I know it’s not just that easy stealing some smart toy. Everything can be tracked, so when someone turns on the phone (even without a SIM), then he or she is immediately trapped. In addition, I don’t have to mention the amount of damage that almost always exceeds CZK 5,000 today, so, it is automatically a crime. Well, I’m not gonna lie, it really looked like a theft, so we had to act adequately.

    Why Give a Financial Reward To the Finder?

    One advice from my lawyer. Always list the reward, high enough if possible, and try to use the social network, for example, as I did. The message was clear, I don’t want any explanation from anyone, just bring me the square monster – I’ll pay now. That’s it. So, the stick is thrown. There was nothing left to do but wait…

    It didn’t last even 24 hours and the finder honestly contacted me. Are you wondering, if it was luck? Sure, it was! Anything can happen to a lost thing, for example, the phone just drops out, someone can find it, try to sell it or throw it away out of hate… Well, not everyone is fair enough to return the lost smart toy back intact. Ultimately, the amount listed does not have to serve as a primary incentive for someone to bring you the matter, but it will dramatically increase the overall reach of what you want to say through social networks.

    And by doing so, you are more likely to get the message directly to the finder. Yeah, and one more note. Some people wrote me if it was worth the money. Of course! There was no super-secret information about NASA’s take-off in the phone, but when I calculated how much time it takes to get back to normal, (buy a new cell phone, copy everything, restore backups, etc.) so logically a person will understand that it will be better to give somebody a gift. Well, and what kind of a life lesson would it be if I didn’t pay for it?

    So, one more thanks to a finder and also thank you for reading!

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