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#1 Now I’m a Blogger, too

  • 13. 11. 2018
  • Peter Is Writing

    Okay, finally I’ve decided to start writing a blog after all. Honestly, it’s difficult to say if the word “decided” fits – there was never enough time to start or better said I wasn’t able to find the time. But the times are changing and I’m serving you the first article.

    What Will I Write about?

    Pretty crucial question. Usually I have to prepare a script, a schedule, simply a detailed plan for everything and then I follow the rules I adjusted in advance. Kind of boring, but there is no other way. A person isn’t a robot and sometimes he has to do something in a way of “no concept show” which brings me to the answer what will this section be about. Writers call it free writing and in a simplified form it means a free passage of thoughts. They write, write, write without having a script defined in advance. I found this kind of expression very pleasing because sometimes I’ve got a feeling that I constantly occupy my brain with creating different strategies, looking for the ideal solutions, etc. Don’t get it wrong, deep stuff is great, but sometimes it’s good to take a break. That’s the reason why I want to write freely (and with iron irregularity) about everything what’s new in the company, what we managed and also didn’t manage, what made me happy, what we went thought, and what we’re planning. And maybe this will not be only about STARTUJEME WEBY, but also a little bit about me. I know, it’s kind of plain, but I really enjoy it!

    Out, out, out, but Nothing in

    Basically, I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 18 years old and only a few years ago I found out that I invest all of my energy into our clients. Carefully, it’s not bad at all and when I look back I’m proud of everything that we managed to improve on the projects of our customers during all the years. But 100 % of the activity went out of the company and then sometimes occurred funny situations like for example – we normally run out of business cards, our website had not been actualised for two years, or we couldn’t manage to buy a news light-bulb into the office for ages. Clients were happy, but after some time I wasn’t. Now I want to put time and effort also inside of everything (adequately not at the expense of customers) because where’s time and energy, there you can expect results.

    Not to Forget, We’re Opening New Websites

    We have a new logo, websites, business cards and we’re preparing other and other changes. Simply, we’re trying to put everything into order. Even though our web page is not fully completed yet (we do everything continuously, now are finished sections Home, czech Blog and Contact), I want to thank everybody from our team who contributed with their ideas and put their hands to the plough. It’s great to do business with people you understand. But about it some other time…

    Enjoy autumn days and thanks for reading it!

    P. P.

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